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Gem & Stone Therapy

Gem & Stone Therapy


Advanced Level of Healing using Crystals & Stones..........

Gem & Stone Therapy is an advanced crystal therapy that works on all levels of the body, simultaneously.

The levels we refer to are the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Soul levels.

G&ST brings us the frequency of oneness, and since we are, in essence, an aspect of God and that oneness, we are more able to feel safe and grounded while receiving a healing session within the healing modality of  this therapy.

The inclusion of hot stones and specific crystals placed over the clothed body, along the energy pathways brings about increased energy and re-alignment.

G&ST not only works on the client, but works on the therapist also and offers both therapist and client the opportunity to expand to a higher level of awareness/consciousness more quickly. 

This therapy is suitable for adults and children.G&ST not only works on the client, but works on the therapist also and offers both therapist and client the opportunity to expand to a higher level of awareness/consciousness more quickly. 

The power behind Gem & Stone Therapy is amplified by the celestial Angelic and Cosmic vibrations.

Gem & Stone Therapy offers the therapist an opportunity to expand to a higher level of awareness/consciousness. 

Suitable for both adults and children.


  • Using the combination of specific crystals and hot basalt stones placed over the top of clothed body, for the purpose of healing.
  • Providing more scope for healing the body, with the placement of multiple crystals and the placement of  hot basalt stones. 
  • Bringing through a very gentle, loving and simple approach  to healing the body, allowing us to experience the gentle loving nature of who we are.

Gem & Stone Therapy brings us a complete new approach to healing, bringing  Crystal, Angelic & Cosmic frequencies in this new and unique therapy.

Currently taught in 3 Levels; 1, 2 and Teachers Level.

*Please contact me for more information or to book a G&ST training course. 


Gem & Stone Therapy came about in 2015 when I experienced a powerful intercession of love and guidance from the Angelic and Cosmic realms. 

I was given access to a profoundly high and loving frequency, which I wish to share with others.

The guidance I received was apparent and empowering, enabling me to take the steps necessary to bring G&ST to the physical plane. 

It has been a truly challenging, inspiring and fantastic journey.

So much has amazed me about the over-all treatment, new techniques and learning.


Crystals from Mother Nature, "we are continually finding our natural connection to crystals and deepening this connection.

The healing benefits from our Crystals are powerful and transformational. 

Crystals and semi-precious gemstones come from one unified source - Mother Earth

Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion emitting an energy frequency. 

Crystals hold light and when used by us, radiate light, activating the light within us, helping to balance and restore the body. 

Crystals are here to assist us in raising our vibration and connect us to our higher consciousness of divine light. 

Crystals have within their formation, sacred geometric shapes that act as gateways for divine light.

We are blessed by the Earth in many ways, the provision for all we need to survive and heal. 

Crystals are a vital part of the Earths remedies and cures.


We all know that Archangels can assist, guide and heal us, yet, many of us are unaware that they have a deep connection to Crystals and each of the Archangels resonates with a particular gemstone/crystal. 

Working with the Archangels by way of intention and invitation, helps us to strengthen our unique connection with Crystals and indeed the Archangels.

Angel celeste works specifically with clear quartz and celeste crystal.


Stones have been used in ceremonies and treatments as far back as 1500 BC with traces of use with the Incas, the Shang Dynasty in China and the ancient Egyptian pyramids. 

The energy levels in stones and crystals, from the light, heat, sound and motion within them - when activated or charged, transmit energy to the body.

Thermal Energy, or heat, is the internal energy in substances – the vibration and movement of the atoms and molecules within substances. It is documented that the treatment of hot and cold stone therapy ‘Thermotherapy” has been around for centuries.

We also know that the oldest rocks on Earth came from outer space in the form of meteorites.

Visit www.gemandstonetherapy.ie for more information or to book a course.

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GEM & STONE THERAPY - course details


GEM & STONE THERAPY - Practitioners Level 1

Level 1

Sat 25th Jan 

Time 10.00am - 5.00pm

Practitioners Certified Course €120


  • Level 1 Illustrated Training Manual
  • 7 x Chakra Crystal Set 
  • Crystal Wand
  • Certificate
  • Light Lunch & Refreshments

GEM & STONE THERAPY - Practitioners Level 2

Level 2

Sat 8th Feb

Time 10am - 5pm 

Practitioners Certified Course €110


  • Level 2 Illustrated Training Manual
  • Crystal Wand
  • Certificate 
  • 20% off Crystal Cap & Mat
  • Light Lunch & Refreshments