One to one Sessions 

Gem & Stone Therapy 

For the person who wants to lie down and feel the bliss of this unique Crystal and Stone treatment.

 What to expect?
This is a beautiful treatment that is suitable for everyone, including children. 
G&ST involves the placement of stones and crystals on the body - fully clothed on plinth.

Duration 1hr to 1hr 10

Intuitive & Guided 

Recommended for intense symptoms of stress or emotional pain. 

What to expect?
This session is specific to each individual and is carried out while seated.
This type of session involves scanning the energy field to identify the blockages and help assist the client in clearing them. 

1hr to 1.30
Duration 1hr to 1hr 10mins


For the person who wants to connect remotely, from the comfort of their home.

What to expect?
Remote sessions work in the same way as the intuitive and guided session.

Duration 1hr- 1hr 10mins