Mother & Child Awareness Programme - M-CAP

 About this programme

The Mother & Child Awareness Programme is aimed to guide the Mother and Child through self-awareness and transformation and will, for a small part, include the child’s Father or active male parent.
The aim for this programme is also to help create new and healthy approach to wholeness for both Child and Mother.
This new programme will be a journey of awareness and discovery for both parent and child.
The approach is gentle and nurturing.

  • Transforming all that no longer serves (which you will be able to access through this programme) and returning to a place of stillness and peace.
  • Aims to bring you a new and simplified way to empower you with your child/children.
  • Includes advanced teachings and techniques for you to use with your children and within a holistic or health practice. 
  • Symptoms covered include shyness, hypertension, bonding, separation anxieties. 
Why this programme?
The Mother & Child Awareness Programme is designed to strip back the layers to see what lies under the surface in the way of blockages.
When the layers that no longer serve you come to the surface, you will begin to see things in a whole new way.
  • Emotions will no longer control your thoughts to the same degree.
  • You will also discover a whole new way to tap into your God-given ability to heal yourself and your child.                                    

Origins of this programme?
This new programme, "which is a new approach to healing for Mother & Child" came about after many years of working with Mothers and Children. It seemed like a complex yet simple approach that worked.
My aim is to teach others who would like to use it at home or, in their own practise.

The setting at Holistic Haven is set in Nature with a loving and oneness, approach, allowing you and your child to feel safe and valued.


From one Mother who attended:
Having attended several sessions to date, I cannot express enough the benefits of the Mother & Child Programme. I am finding the experience utterly uplifting and transforming. It is a journey of self- discovery.
Edna through her vast knowledge and understanding can help you strip back the layers of yourself as a person, as a parent, to become aware of your thoughts, actions, feelings and how these can impact you and your child/children.
All of this takes place in the most beautiful, peaceful, safe environment - we both look forward to the time spent here and it has given us time to really CONNECT.
For me personally, I feel much happier and lighter. I am aware that the issues I was concerned about with my child where coming from my past experiences - my child was mirroring me and with Edna's help I am going through a healing process which in turn is of huge benefit to my child and my family.
For my child, I can see the attachment issue starting to unravel, began to sleep on his own, and he is not as angry/frustrated. I feel a sense of amazement/wonder at how my child has embraced the programme. There is a general feeling of calmness and being able to talk through problems that arise instead of letting anger pour out.
The Mother & Child Awareness Programme is a journey of self- discovery and healing for both the mother and child. I would encourage you to embrace it with a full heart and an openness to healing.''