Gem & Stone Therapy


Gem & Stone Therapy is an advanced crystal therapy that works on all levels of the body, simultaneously - physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and soul bodies.
G&ST brings us a whole new approach to healing with the inclusion of Stones and crystals for the purpose of healing - taught in three levels, 1,2 & 3. 
G&ST courses are available from G&ST teachers.
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           What is Gem & Stone Therapy about?
  • G&ST is about bringing crystals and stones together for the purpose of healing.
  • The inclusion of hot stones and specific crystals placed (over the clothing) along the energy pathways, brings about increased energy and re-alignment.
  • The healing and grounding properties of the Crystals and Stones creates a safety net around us, providing comfort and ease during a treatment.
  • The treatment is carried out facing- up on the plinth. 
  • Little or no touch is required, resulting in a non-invasive treatment for client.
  • A crystal wand is used to encourage the natural healing process, helping clear negative energies and absorb light and colour.                                                                                                                                                                                
  • The power behind Gem & Stone Therapy is amplified by the vibration and power of the crystals. 
  • G&ST not only works on the client but works on the therapist also and offers both therapist and client the opportunity to expand to a higher level of awareness/consciousness. 
  • Gem & Stone Therapy is suitable for Adults and Children.

Gem & Stone Therapy - In the spiritual sense

  •  Sacred energies ( Angelic and Star) channelled by way of  vibrational geometric codes.
  •  Angelic and Cosmic codes in G&ST received by Atunements to L1, 2 & 3 practitioners courses 
  • Angel Celeste is the guardian for G&ST (a higher dimensional being from the Angelic & star realms) channelled sacred codes to Edna, holding new frequencies for un-conditional love - her guidance and wisdom is ongoing.
  • The higher intelligence she brings, via the sacred codes helps to transform what no longer serves our higher purpose, moving us toward our full potential. 
  • The G&ST frequency is profoundly loving and gentle, making it suitable for both children and adults.

How the Gem and Stone seed was born

I spent many wonderful years working as a holistic therapist/tutor and counsellor; practising varies healing modalities over the years.

However, in 2015, it became apparent that I develop a new "CRYSTAL based therapy", with Angelic and Star frequencies, and to include the teachings for Gem & Stone Therapy.

I received much clarity and guidance, leading me in the right direction, 'to a new energy system for healing. 'one that was waiting in the wings for a few years at least.

It was also important that I share these new teachings with others.

I wasn't entirely sure at the time, except that I had an innate knowing that a new approach to healing was within my reach and coming closer each day.

During a prayerful meditation, it became clear how I was to bring this new energy system to the physical plane.

The Gem & Stone Therapy frequency was channelled and taught to me before the actual work on creating the training manuals, i.e., the physical manifestation.

I feel very honoured to have had this whole experience.

It was beneficial during the developing phase of G&ST that I had many years of Holistic and Counselling training experience.

It has become important for this year, '2019, that others will start working with G&ST and begin teaching it.

The ever-presence of the Angels, 'in particular, Angel Celeste, came through to me in a profoundly loving way.

She continues to assist and guide me.

**Gem & Stone Therapy came about partly by Divine intervention and my willingness to follow and bring a higher and profoundly loving frequency to the physical plane.

The vibration brings us the essence of unconditional love at a whole new level!

Edna M Doherty 2002 -2020