Gem & Stone Therapy - Training

Gem & Stone Therapy -  Level 1 - Practitioner Course

Level 1 works on the physical and emotional layers of the body by clearing physical and emotional blockages.
The level 1 course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to give and receive a G&ST treatment.

The techniques in level 1 include;
  • The placement of specific crystals from your pack over the seven major chakras on the body.
  • The placement of heated stones over the Meridian lines on the body to help open the energy pathways to encourage blood circulation.
  • How to use the crystal wand for clearing and re-balancing the chakras.
  • How to activate and connect with the healing properties of the crystals and stones.
  • Level 1 Attunement helps re-align, re-structure and clear negative imprints in the auric field of the student.

 G&ST LEVEL 1 PACK (Included in course price)
  • Seven Chakra Crystals
  • Crystal Wand
  • G&ST Illustrated Manual
  • Angel Celeste "Vinyl Illustrated Chart"
  • Certificate
Saturday 7th March
Cost 130 Euros
*A booking deposit is required to register for Level 1

Gem & Stone Therapy - Level 2 - Practitioner Level

The teachings in Level 2 include advanced crystal techniques to use on self and clients.
Level 2 works on the spiritual and karmic layers of the body and gives both the client and practitioner to expand and grow within the high energetic frequency of the Angelic and Star vibrations.

Level 2 
  • Placement of the G&ST Crystal Mat and Cap over the seven major chakras on the body.
  • Placement of heated stones over the Meridian lines on the body, opening the energy pathways and encouraging blood circulation.
  • Advanced Crystal wand techniques to aid further clearing and re-balancing.
  • Option to buy Crystal Chakra Mat and Cap.
  • The second level brings an expanded level of awareness of self and the universe.
  • Level 2 helps clear karmic imprints, realigning the student with their soul's purpose. 
       Included in course price
  • Illustrated Manual 
  • Crystal Wand
  • Certificate 
           Course Price; €120
    A booking deposit for €30 is required to book G&ST Level 2

      Option to buy
     Crystal Chakra Cap at 20% reduction
     Crystal Chakra Mat at 20% reduction     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Crystal chakra caps and mats are available to outside customers and made to order.                                                                        
Please contact Edna 

Gem & Stone Therapy - Level 3 - Teacher Level

Level 3 ( Teachers Level ) offers you the chance to teach G&ST to others and is a great gift to share.

What's Included;
  • Illustrated Teachers Manual
  • Level 3 Attunement
  • 1 Day Training 
  • Teachers Certificate
  • Opportunity to join G&ST website to advertise your treatments and courses.
Booking Essential
A deposit for €30 is required to book Level 3

Mother & Child Awareness - Training Course

Full Programme beginning on Saturday 18th April 11am - 4pmPrice €90 Includes Manual & Certificate

Tameana Intensive - Practitioners Course - ( Fri, Sat & Sun )

Vibrational Healing using clear quartz crystal and sacred codes and energies. Created and developed by Juan Manuel, Argentina.

Level 1 Fri 15th May 
Time ; 11am - 4pm
Price ; €130 Includes 3 x faceted quartz crystals, Illustrated Manual and Certificate.
A deposit for €50 is required to book the Tameana Intensive Course.

Levels 2 & 3 Sat 16th May
Time; 10am - 5pm
Price €140 Includes Level 2 Illustrated Manual

Level 4 Sun 17th May
Time; 11am - 4pm
Price €130
  • Discount Price for all 3 levels €350
  • Accommodation available during Tameana at a reduced rate.
  • For more information please contact me.