About Edna

Edna's Background

I have over twenty years of experience in holistic and counselling practises with a special interest in sharing my holistic work with those who are ready to learn and advance their own skills and knowledge.

My special area of service is in teaching courses I developed from my vast resources of knowledge and experience to date.
I also help assist clients (those who are ready) in connecting with their ascended guardians and guides.
My main aim is to assist others to heal at a core level and help them step into their power and experience life in a healthy and prosperous way.

I created and developed a unique form of crystal and stone healing, "Gem & Stone Therapy - taught in three levels, plus a unique Mother and Child Programme which is focused on the Mother and Child specifically.

I work with the Earth daily and have great love for nature.

Holistic Haven provides a safe and beautiful space to heal the body, mind and soul.

          Certified training Courses 
  • Gem & Stone Therapy - taught in three levels 
  • Mother and Child Programme - focused on the Mother and Child specifically.

          Crystal Products 
  • Crystal Chakra Hats
  • Crystal Chakra Mats
  • Crystal and Plant Essence 
Edna designed and created Gem & Stone Therapy for advanced learning - taught in three levels.
The placement of numerous crystals in Gem & Stone Therapy helps to assist each client reach a safe place to go deeper to heal at a core level.
The crystal products are a great addition to the course training for both the practitioner and client and prove to be a great source of power comfort.

In my spare time I play piano and write poems and short stories with many published.