About Edna

Welcome to my website.  May you find something here that will inspire you today....

"The opportunity to grow to the full potential of who we are, 'to the core of our being"
"We are part of the oneness that is Nature"
"We vibrate within an energy field that is part of our humanness"

About Edna

I have over twenty years of experience in holistic and counselling practises with a special interest in sharing my holistic work with those who are ready to learn and advance in their own skills and knowledge.

My special area of service is in teaching others from my own resources of experience and knowledge to date. 

I help assist clients (those who are ready) in connecting with their ascended guardians and guides.
I work with the Earth daily and have great respect and love for nature.

          Certified training Courses 
  • Gem & Stone Therapy - taught in three levels
  • Mother and Child Programme - focused on the Mother and Child specifically.

          Crystal Products 
  • Crystal Chakra Hats
  • Crystal Chakra Mats
  • Crystal book Marker
  • Crystal and plant Essence 
  • Cold pressed soap from vegetable oils and plants.          
Edna designed and created Gem & Stone Therapy for advanced learning, taught in three levels.
The placement of numerous crystals in Gem & Stone Therapy helps to assist each client reach a safe place to heal.
The crystal products are a great addition to the course training for both the practitioner and client and prove to be a great source of power comfort.

In my spare time I play piano and write poems and short stories with many published.